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how I think
how I think: where strategy meets art
who I am
drive to form connections
As a leader, I aim to make connections--across industries, ideas, and stakeholders. I encourage students to find personal connections between their work and their surroundings. I form relationships with clients, volunteers, and team members to not only improve efficiency, but also enhance the daily joys of working together. I draw from other projects and business models to find inspiration for seemingly unrelated challenges.
entrepreneurial spirit
I seek out opportunities to stretch outside of my comfort zone and make small ideas grow to reality. At 18 years old, I was fortunate to be a part of a team that founded a commercial gallery for student artists. As an artist, I explore new media and venues to share my work and learn about what's happening around me. I am curious about everything. I dive headfirst into projects with new ideas, and then re-design until the best possible results are achieved. 
passion for data
Careful data analysis is crucial for meaningful change. Even when working in a creative field (perhaps especially so), quantitative data and qualitative feedback inform every decision. Data is even used to determine how to best communicate with teachers, where to build vital community partnerships, and where school buses should park. The magic of innovation lies in combining accurate numbers with thorough user responses. 
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